Kick The Coffee Addiction With These Energy Filled Foods

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Kick The Coffee Addiction With These Energy Filled Foods

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not ones to hate on a great Cup of Joe, but depending on coffee to get you through the day is no way to maintain a reliable energy level. If you’re chugging two or three cups of coffee in the morning, and then an iced brew or latte during that mid-afternoon lull, it’s time to reevaluate where you’re getting your energy.

If you’ve become dependent on the caffeine rush to power through the work day, no worries! There are a number of natural foods that can offer energy, and they’ll do it in a way so you don’t have the caffeine jitters, you’ll have more balanced energy throughout the day, and there’s no post-coffee crash.


Your fatigue may just be from dehydration. Grab some H2O and chug! If you need a little flavor, infuse your filtered water with fresh fruit. Strawberry and lemons are a great summer recipe!

Chia Seeds

This tiny powerhouse can be eaten in a number of ways and packs the right blend of protein, fats, and fiber to give you an energy boost without a crash. Add the tiny superfood to your yogurt, salad, smoothie, soup, or juice. Extra energy isn’t the only benefit from chia seeds. Check out these 7 unexpected health benefits.


When you’re running low on fuel, grab a banana and get on with your day. Researchers say this easy-to-eat fruit can offer just as much energy and recovery as a sports drink. Plus, the potassium, fiber, and vitamin B6 are nutrients you won’t find in a bottle of PowerAde.

Green Tea

If breaking the coffee habit is harder than you expected, it may just be the action of holding the cup and sipping something warm that you’re used to, so replace the beverage. Sipping on green tea is a great energy booster. The caffeine and L-theanine are a great recharging combo without the coffee jitters. Green tea is also great for keeping you focused (and who couldn’t use that extra support?).


A handful of almonds is loaded with healthy monosaturated fats that are just what your body needs for a pick-me-up. On top of the sustained energy, almonds are a tasty snack – add them to your yogurt, salad, or smoothie if you’re not a fan of munching on them alone.


Oatmeal is a great way to start your morning or refuel with a mid-afternoon snack. One of the major benefits of this fiber-packed food is that it helps maintain your blood-sugar level, giving you a balanced energy level throughout the entire day. Avoid the instant oatmeal packets, which can be loaded with sugar, and try out one of these awesome recipes.

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