5 Easy Ways to Eat More Veggies

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5 Easy Ways to Eat More Veggies

Eating five servings of vegetables everyday can be tough. Whether it’s the time in prepping, cooking, and packing or taste buds that would rather have, well, anything else…you’re a part of the 91% of Americans not eating enough veggies. As health food stores in Myrtle Beach continue to grow and organic restaurants make their mark in the culinary scene, consuming vegetables can actually be much easier than you probably think. Plus, there are ways to sneak in the healthy foods (even if your family puts up a vigorous veggie battle).

Add A Dip

We’ll be the first to admit, a plate full of carrots and broccoli sounds a bit…lacking. But, who says you can’t spice it up a little? Whether you’re a traditionalist with classic ranch, prefer a zesty Italian, or want to pack in the protein with peanut butter, adding a dipping sauce to your veggies can help get them down. Avoid the fats and sugars in the store-bought dressings and check out these easy to make salad dressings.

Add A Straw

Drink up your veggies and make it easier to take a healthy snack on the go! The beauty to these beverages is you can throw in a few pieces of fruit to still have a sweet, enjoyable flavor. Skip the ice cubes, which can water down your smoothie, and use frozen fruit. These green smoothie recipes will help you get your veggies and fruits in one snack, and we’re willing to be it’ll be way better than a salad.

Sip Some Soup

Nothing is better on a cool fall day than sipping warm, filling soup. Homemade soups are a simple way to use a ton of veggies but still feel full after eating. Start with a classic vegetable soup or opt for a thick and creamy tomato carrot veggie soup. You can even add some rice, barley, or quinoa to thicken up your stew. We love these 10 soup recipes to get you started.

Bag It Up

Yes, premade salads in a bag are more expensive, but we know that if it’s readily available, you’ll eat it. With numerous salad mix varieties in your local Myrtle Beach vegan supermarket, you’re sure to find a style you like. Plus, it’s easy to add some protein if you need it – grilled chicken, tofu, or lentils.

Eat What You Like

The ideal way to consume vegetables is to eat from the rainbow – reds, yellows, purples, and greens – but if you’re good with just a few, stick with those. Your body would much rather you have a handful of fresh veggies (even the same ones each day) than not have the nutrient rich foods at all. Check out this list of veggies before you write off too many.


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